Thanks to the tireless campaigning by Jamie Oliver and others, there’s national debate about children’s nutrition. But with concerns about children’s couch potato lifestyles and soaring childhood obesity, there also needs to be action on children’s fitness. The UK’s chief medical officer has said that an hour of exercise is the bare minimum to boost children’s health and to prevent them becoming overweight or developing heart problems. However, research published in the medical journal BMJ Open showed that almost half of all the country’s seven-year-olds lead such sedentary lives that they don’t have hour of exercise a day. Star jumps and catching games in schools simply aren’t enough to counter the effects of a sedentary lifestyle based on TV watching, computer games and checking Facebook on a mobile phone every 5 minutes. Exercises for children should work different muscle groups in the body in the same way that an adult’s workout does.

School exercise programme

Gym guru David Marshall has devised a school exercise programme that’s virtually cost free. David Marshall, a respected celebrity gym coach, has devised a programme of exercises that can be done anywhere - in the home, classroom or in the sports hall. They are designed to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, balance and co-ordination. Research shows that regular and effective exercise will improve other aspects of children’s lives with regard to their concentration and enhance enjoyment of other hobbies. And motivating children to exercise during their formative years can develop into a lifetime of exercise in adulthood

David Marshall website

David’s website has lots of useful information and video clips showing daily exercise routines that are fun.

Find out more: Visit Gym guru David Marshall website...

Children take responsibility for their food choices

Children gradually start to take responsibility for their own food choices. It’s important that they are encouraged to eat a healthy, varied diet which is rich in fruit, vegetables and starchy foods. We strongly support children having a healthy, balanced diet. Find out more by going to Jamie Oliver’s website at

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What’s going right and what’s going wrong? Tell us your story. We want to hear your success stories of how you or your children’s school have encouraged your kids to get fit. Also email us if you think your children’s school is doing little or nothing to encourage an hour of daily exercise. Contact Us