Why paying for a door risk assessment is a sound idea

Why paying for a door risk assessment is a sound idea

Door finger injuries can be life changing. Children’s fingers can be amputated or mutilated by unprotected doors. Take a budding musician like Paula who lost the tip of her index finger which meant she could no longer perfect the violin. Paula’s injury was completely preventable. If the school where Paula was studying had of taken a serious approach to door safety, she would have enjoyed a musical career.

What’s frustrating is that the school did have safety devices installed but only on some doors. The company selling the devices could not install their particular product on all the doors due to design limitations which unfortunately left some doors unprotected. The representative of the door safety device company was only interested in selling as many of his products as was feasible given its design limitations. The quote for his products was offered to the school for free and he departed with order in hand after just 15 minutes.

The school in question has no less than 130 doors. A proper door risk assessment to Children’s Charter Door Safety Standard would take at least 2 hours to complete. A qualified and specialist door safety technician would assess the risk posed by each door and make recommendation as to the appropriate device taking into consideration position of door, footfall, weight and thickness of door, angle of opening, whether door restrictors and/or door stops are in place and if it is a fire door.

If a Children’s Charter Door Safety Risk assessment had been undertaken, and the school complied, Paula would not have been nursing that life changing injury. The risk assessment would have cost just £250 preventing Paula’s injury and also a legal claim for compensation of £50,000.

The Children’s Charter Standard defines all the issues that need to be considered when assessing establishments for door finger entrapment and fire door integrity. This is contributing hugely towards eradicating the misery of disabling injuries presented by closing doors.

Unsuitable safety measures leave people at risk of injury and worse still, especially if fire doors are allowed to become impeded by incorrectly fitted or unsuitable shields.

A cost of just £250 for a qualified and specialist door risk assessment is a small price to pay for sound peace of mind.

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