Mobile phone tips to reduce EMF’s

Mobile phone tips to reduce EMF’s

Adopt a precautionary approach with regards to EMFs and health (particularly when it concerns children, elders, unwell and pregnant women). Here are a few recommendations you can take with your mobile phone

Set the Airplane or Flight mode

This cuts off all EMFs and you should use this mode when using office applications, playing pre-downloaded games or music

You cannot communicate when on the Airplane mode, i.e. receive calls or texts, so;

 – only keep your network option ON, but switch OFF data roaming, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

 – switch ON data roaming and/or Wi-Fi a few times a day to update e-mails, social media, messages etc. and then switch back OFF,

 – set the phone to switch OFF completely at night, e.g. say between 11pm and 7am.

(All the above, along with turning off any sensors/GPS and reducing screen brightness will increase your battery life!)

Try to keep conversations short, use the speaker phone, use hands-free (air tube) kit or communicate using text

Avoid using your phone in a “low signal” area – EMF emission is at MAXIMUM at low/no signal strength

Carry your phone in a purse or backpack instead of your pocket

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