Introducing Children's Charter

Introducing Children's Charter

Through the eyes of a child the world is a wonder, an exciting place with a million things to see and discover. But as adults we know the world also is fraught with DANGER.

We have the responsibility of making sure our children are safe, healthy and happy.

Children’s Charter is an issues-based and focused organisation that conducts research, educates, lobby’s and accredits adequate products and services.We were formed in 2012 and are passionate about child safety and their rights. And in particular, issues that are not getting mainstream coverage, but nevertheless are very real threats to children’s wellbeing. 

We have just relaunched our website and look forward to your comments and suggestions for topics and issues we should explore. We are all a product of our childhood and the children of today are the products for our future. So let’s strive to make the future a bright one. 

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