Claiming compensation

Claiming compensation

We have testimony that one well known holiday company had the gall to offer a refund of the cost of a holiday as compensation for a three year olds damaged fingers and blamed the child of being negligent.

Broken bones, mutilations and amputations are some of the traumatic, debilitating and occasionally life-changing consequences of leaving areas exposed or by using door shields that are not considered fit for purpose. Neither you nor your child are to blame.

Your child has a right to compensation – act now and claim!

These injuries are not excusable as accidental. The victim can be compensated if the injury happened in childhood and they are not yet 21 years old. Or at any age if the injury was within the past 3 years.

Compensation could amount to many thousands of pounds.

Our best advice is DO NOT accept and bank a refund (the cost of a holiday for example or compensation vouchers of a few pounds) nor accept blame for what happened.

Consult a solicitor who specialises in compensation for injuries and they will advise you. 

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