It’s a dangerous world

Through the eyes of a child the world is a wonder, an exciting place with a million things to see and discover. But as adults we know the world is also fraught with DANGER. We have the responsibility of making sure our children are safe, healthy and happy.

Children’s Charter is an issues-based and focused organisation that conducts research, educates, lobbies and accredits products and services.

We are passionate about child safety and their rights. And in particular, issues that are not getting mainstream coverage, but nevertheless are very real threats to children’s wellbeing.

We are all a product of our childhood and the children of today are the products for our future. So let’s strive to make the future a bright one.

  • Prevent door finger injury

    Door Safety

    Did you know children’s fingers can be amputated or mutilated by unprotected doors? Shamefully many nurseries, schools, family pubs and restaurants, fast food outlets, leisure centres, family resorts and other organisations do nothing to prevent life changing injuries to children’s fingers. Yet these injuries are entirely preventable. We felt it was time to act…

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  • Experience of Prejudice by Policy

    Prejudice by Policy

    There are many instances where Government, local authorities and schools are failing children with special educational needs and disabilities. After learning that two Cambridge University professors were left shocked by what they found when visiting mainstream schools, we felt it time to highlight the scandalous way schools and local authorities are treating pupils with special needs.

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  • Child exposure to EMF

    Exposure to Electrosmog

    Are you concerned about radiation and electromagnetic fields coming from mobile phones, wi-fi, cell phone masts and home appliances? If not, we think you should be. Do you suffer from unexplained headaches, dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, sleep disorder, prolonged flu/colds, mood swings, stress and/or joint pain? Overwhelming and substantial evidence show you or your children could be victims of electrosmog…

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  • Ge fit

    Children’s Fitness

    Research indicates children are becoming less fit, with less healthy lifestyles, which experience tells us is likely to be detrimental in adulthood. Our aim is to promote healthy and active lifestyles for all children, regardless of physical ability. Taking exercise and being active is important for a healthy life. Whether they are practising a sport or taking part in playground games, exercise will keep their body working in a healthy way.

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